Photo Archive

The Norwegian Polar Institute’s Photo Library preserves some 90 000 polar-related images captured during the last 135 years, including glass plates and slides, stereo images, print photographs and modern digital photographs.

Images documenting Norwegian activities in the Arctic and Antarctic comprise the bulk of the collection. Scanning the older images and registering newer digital ones is an ongoing endeavour. To date, digital versions of over 30 000 pictures are available in a searchable online database at Search words associated with the online images are mostly in the Norwegian language. Please send an e-mail to for assistance in searching the database.

For each annual volume (formerly, for each issue) of Polar Research, the editor selects an image from the Photo Library. Look at previous highlighted pictures here:

Volume 29 (3)
Volume 29 (2)
Volume 29 (1)
Volume 28 (3)
Volume 28 (2)
Volume 28 (1)
Volume 27 (3)
Volume 27 (2)
Volume 27 (1)