Volume 35 (2016)

Research/review articles

Depositional environment, ichnological features and oxygenation of Permian to earliest Triassic marine sediments in central Spitsbergen, Svalbard Alfred Uchman, Nils-Martin Hanken, Jesper Kresten Nielsen, Sten-Andreas Grundvåg, Stefan Piasecki
Algal biomass and pigments along a latitudinal gradient in Victoria Land lakes, East Antarctica Francesca Borghini, Andrea Colacevich, Tancredi Caruso, Roberto Bargagli
Re-assessment of recent (2008 - 2013) surface mass balance over Dome Argus, Antarctica Minghu Ding, Cunde Xiao, Yuande Yang, Yetang Wang, Chuanjin Li, Naiming Yuan, Guitao Shi, Weijun Sun, Jing Ming
Freshwater ostracods (Crustacea) and environmental variability of polygon ponds in the tundra of the Indigirka Lowland, north-east Siberia Andrea Schneider, Sebastian Wetterich, Lutz Schirrmeister, Ulrike Herzschuh, Hanno Meyer, Lyudmila A. Pestryakova
Characterization of sea-ice kinematic in the Arctic outflow region using buoy data Ruibo Lei, Petra Heil, Jia Wang, Zhanhai Zhang, Qun Li, Na Li


In memory of Torgny Vinje - a genuine polar scientist Elisabeth Isaksson, Sebastian Gerland, Dmitry Divine
Technological and environmental challenges of Arctic shipping - a case study of a fictional voyage in the Arctic Lars-Henrik Larsen, Beate Kvamstad-Lervold, Kjetil Sagerup, Victoria Gribkovskaia, Alexei Bambulyak, Rune Rautio, Tor Einar Berg
Tourism and Arctic Observation Systems: exploring the relationships Suzanne de la Barre, Patrick Maher, Jackie Dawson, Kevin Hillmer-Pegram, Edward Huijbens, Machiel Lamers, Daniela Liggett, Dieter Müller, Albina Pashkevich, Emma Stewart