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Characterization of sea-ice kinematic in the Arctic outflow region using buoy data Ruibo Lei, Petra Heil, Jia Wang, Zhanhai Zhang, Qun Li, Na Li
Foreword to the thematic cluster: the Arctic in Rapid Transition - marine ecosystems Monika Kędra, Alexey K. Pavlov, Carolyn Wegner, Alexander Forest
Variability in transport of terrigenous material on the shelves and the deep Arctic Ocean during the Holocene Carolyn Wegner, Katrina E. Bennett, Anne de Vernal, Matthias Forwick, Michael Fritz, Maija Heikkilä, Magdalena Łacka, Hugues Lantuit, Michał Laska, Mateusz Moskalik, Matt O'Regan, Joanna Pawłowska, Agnieszka Promińska, Volker Rachold, Jorien E. Vonk, Kirstin Werner
Late winter biogeochemical conditions under sea ice in the Canadian High Arctic Helen S. Findlay, Laura A. Edwards, Ceri N. Lewis, Glenn A. Cooper, Robert Clement, Nick Hardman-Mountford, Svein Vagle, Lisa A. Miller
Regional passive seismic monitoring reveals dynamic glacier activity on Spitsbergen, Svalbard Andreas Köhler, Christopher Nuth, Johannes Schweitzer, Christian Weidle, Steven J. Gibbons
Summertime plankton ecology in Fram Strait - a compilation of long- and short-term observations Eva-Maria Nöthig, Astrid Bracher, Anja Engel, Katja Metfies, Barbara Niehoff, Ilka Peeken, Eduard Bauerfeind, Alexandra Cherkasheva, Steffi Gäbler-Schwarz, Kristin Hardge, Estelle Kilias, Angelina Kraft, Yohannes Mebrahtom Kidane, Catherine Lalande, Judith Piontek, Karolin Thomisch, Mascha Wurst
White-beaked dolphins trapped in the ice and eaten by polar bears Jon Aars, Magnus Andersen, Agnés Brenière, Samuel Blanc
The effectiveness of the Arctic Council Paula Kankaanpää, Oran R. Young
Palaeoenvironments and palaeoceanography changes across the Jurassic/Cretaceous boundary in the Arctic realm: case study of the Nordvik section (north Siberia, Russia) Victor A. Zakharov, Mikhail A. Rogov, Oksana S. Dzyuba, Karel Žák, Martin Košt’ák, Petr Pruner, Petr Skupien, Martin Chadima, Martin Mazuch, Boris L. Nikitenko
Correlative and dynamic species distribution modelling for ecological predictions in the Antarctic: a cross-disciplinary concept Julian Gutt, Damaris Zurell, Thomas J. Bracegridle, William Cheung, Melody S. Clark, Peter Convey, Bruno Danis, Bruno David, Claude De Broyer, Guido di Prisco, Huw Griffiths, Rémi Laffont, Lloyd S. Peck, Benjamin Pierrat, Martin J. Riddle, Thomas Saucède, John Turner, Cinzia Verde, Zhaomin Wang, Volker Grimm
Implications of meltwater pulse events for soil biology and biogeochemical cycling in a polar desert Becky A. Ball, J. E. Barrett, Mike N. Gooseff, Ross A. Virginia, Diana H. Wall

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